Congratulations to our returning and NEW athletes! We are going to have an incredible season.

Tumbling Info.

icon Tumbling Classes

Tumble classes meet once every week for 60 minutes, these classes are designed to help athletes develop the strength, control, conditioning, and technique necessary to execute tumbling skills that are both safe and aesthetically pleasing. With over 20 years of experience our tumbling instructors are some of the most qualified in the industry and have something to offer athletes of ANY age and ability level! Safety is always our top priority which means you should expect two things: Level progression: Athletes MUST show mastery of all prior level skills before moving on to the the next level. Conditioning: Tumbling classes have many drills and conditioning exercises built into them. This not only gives athletes the strength necessary to throw beautiful tumbling skills but also the stamina required to throw them in a competitive routine.  With the exception of our Beginner class, which has no prerequisites, athletes must have mastered all skills from all previous levels before enrolling in a higher level

Level 1: Prerequisites: there are no prerequisites; this class focuses on learning tumbling basics and creating muscle memory

Skills taught: forward and backward roll, cartwheel, round-off, back-bend kick-over, and back walk-over, Intro to Jumps to Tumbling

Level 2: Prerequisites: cartwheel, round-off, back walk-over

Skills taught: standing backhandspring, round-off backhandspring, Standing Series and Roundoff Series

Level 3: Prerequisites: standing series, round-off series, Jumps to series

Skills taught: standing series to back tuck, round off series to back tuck, standing back tuck, backhandspring back tuck, punch fronts

Level 4: Prerequisites: standing series to tuck, round-off series to tuck, standing tuck

Skills taught: round-off backhandspring layout, standing series to layout, jumps to standing tuck

Level 5: Prerequisites: standing series to layout, round-off backhandspring layout

Skills taught: round-off backhandspring full, standing series to full

icon Stunt Class

Stunt class meets once every week for 60 minutes and is a must for any flyer, whether it’s your first day going up or you have been flying for years our instructors can help take you to the next level. This class will focus on pulling perfect body positions, level appropriate stunt transitions and dismounts. Prerequisites: To be in this class athletes MUST be motivated, excited, and ready to learn challenging new skills! Stretch class is available for anyone who is not able to pull their body positions just yet. Much like our tumbling classes, stunt class will follow a level progression beginning with pulling body positions on the floor and continuing all the way up to the most advanced level 6 stunting skills. In the interest of safety athletes will NOT be permitted to move on to higher level skills before they have shown mastery of the prior level skills. In a typical stunt class you should expect the following: -Approximately 10 minutes of organized stretching including splits and wall climbs, Ground Stunting: athletes must show ability to pull and hold body positions on an instructor to move on and a feeling of accomplishment at the end of every class!

icon School Teams

Skills training and choreography is available for school teams at our facility. Whether your team is novice, intermediate, or advanced, sideline chants, half-time routines, stunt/tumbling lessons, or preparing your competition squad we can customize a training program to meet your specific needs and meet your team goals. Choose weekly to maximize your skill and performance.  Team training is offered once a week.  This 1 1/2 hour class has a 10-member minimum. For times, availability, and price please contact the front office at 562-602-0363 or email: (elite_cheercoach@yahoo.com )

icon Private Lessons

1-3 athletes with a single instructor get intensive, customized training. 

  • All private lessons are 30min. long and are available based off of the Instructors availability.
  • Hour long private lessons are available upon request and depends on instructors' schedule


icon Camps

We offer skills camps, custom camps and workshops for individuals, small groups and teams.  Come to our facility or we'll bring our staff to you!